June 8, 2010

Learn To Play Bass Guitar Today

Posted in Learn To Play Bass Guitar tagged , , at 1:23 pm by tomboyd

Today I’d like to share with you some of the best bass guitar advice I have learnt over the years. If you want to learn to play the bass guitar, these are my top five tips to get you playing as soon as possible.

While several might appear simple they are frequently neglected. You may be tempted to try to omit a few basics for learning to play bass. This is a huge mistake though and will only slow you down in the long term.

This first tip is simple yet so often ignored. The very first thing that you should do every single time you pick up your bass guitar is tune it. Electric bass tuners are the best and simplest ways to accomplish this.

After you tune your bass, then you need to warm up. It enables your hands to limber up before playing the guitar. Warming up before you begin your game will help prevent hand pain and injuries. It also gives your fingers chances to stretch and get use to playing again before you jump into the main part of your playing or practise.

Learning the notes of the bass fretboard is something you should spend a few minutes each day doing. So few players, even bassists who have been playing for years still don’t know the notes of their bass. This is vital when you learn to play bass guitar, so take the time to learn it well.

Even if you are a complete novice, jump in with an easy song. Find something easy and learn it bit by bit. Before beginners of bass players puts off learning songs, they should focus on bass chords, scales and theory. Before you attempt your first song, you should master the fundamental bass guitar techniques of plucking and fretting notes.

Having a bass practise schedule is the one thing that turned my bass playing around. When I had a routine of what to practice every day, my bass playing improved immensely. If you currently pick up your bass and just play about on it, it’s properly the reason you’re not seeing the progress you’d like to. One of the best tips I can give you about the bass guitar is to have a bass schedule.

I hope you have found this bass guitar advice useful and that it helps you learn to play bass. If you just start doing these five things, you’ll improve tremendously. You’ll be great at bass and jamming with your friends in a band in no time!


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